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Digital collaboration increases transparency among employees; it also empowers organizations to develop better interdepartmental relationships, improve workflow, and reduce lead times. In addition, collaboration solutions can provide co-workers with a single place to brainstorm ideas, communicate, collaborate, store files, share knowledge, and get work done without any lags or setbacks. Subscribe now to get the latest insights into how digital collaboration powered by Microsoft 365 is creating more efficient, faster-growing businesses worldwide.

Privacy, security, and compliance are prioritized in Microsoft Teams

Now more than ever, people need to know their virtual conversations are private and secure. Microsoft is committed to giving users transparency over the collection, use, and distribution of their data. No tracking for participant attention or multitasking during Teams meetings. No unfettered government access to data, and no ads linked to data. Microsoft even offers transparency reports on the Transparency Hub, detailing how it responded to third-party requests for data. "We are committed to providing products, information, and controls that you let choose how your data is collected and used," stated President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith. Knowing that your organization can experience enterprise-grade communication and collaboration while at the same time be protected, secure, and compliant—that allows you do your work with confidence.

DHHS: Collaborating and caring

Choosing the right tools for productivity and collaboration is critical for any organization to achieve its digital transformation goals. For employees to effectively share information across multiple departments and projects, businesses must empower their workers and clients via access to the very best digital technology available. By making the productivity of their employees a main focus of their digital initiatives, organizations can enjoy the growth that comes from increased collaboration and more-efficient internal processes. Watch this video to learn how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) of Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 to boost employee productivity through more-effective collaboration and more-efficient internal processes.

Imperial College London uses Teams to teach and connect in a time of COVID

A world top ten university, with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research, Imperial College London now uses Microsoft Teams to teach and connect in a time of COVID-19. In this video, see how the college is now relying on Teams for the delivery of its lectures and its remote labs, as well as a "virtual common room" where students and faculty can interact. Staff now have the fluid integration of shared files, scheduled events, and the students' use of the virtual learning environment, providing opportunities to respond to students in a way never done before.

NSW: Affording a device in every hand named Microsoft Teams the best video conferencing service in 2020: "What truly makes this service appealing is its integration with other Microsoft Office applications. If you already use Word, Excel and Outlook, integrating Teams into your workflow is a simple process. Considering everything you get access to, this is one of the most affordable video conferencing services we found in our research." Businesses don't need a chat feature or other stand-alone services—they need to be able to perform their tasks while having access to their files—they need integration. This is what Teams provides, and at an affordable price. View this video and see how integration and affordability enabled the education department in New South Wales to put a device in every pair of hands.

Spotlight on 'Teams as a Platform' at Virtual Microsoft Build 2020

At Microsoft's annual Build developer conference, there were several updates announced for Microsoft Teams. According to veteran participant and Forbes contributor Patrick Moorhead, the integration of Teams with Microsoft Power Platform "was the biggest story out of the conference this year, as it turns Teams into essentially a full-blown platform. With the lack of developers globally, I think this combination could enable some very powerful capabilities." Power BI is also getting further integrated into Teams, notes Moorhead. Users will be able to import and share reports, or merely charts from reports, from the new 'Share to Teams' button in the Power BI portal. "Additionally, when a chart is shared to a Teams conversation it will now include a rich thumbnail preview, and an adaptive card that Microsoft says will enable users to take action on said chart," writes Moorhead. There's lots more to take note of for the improvements around Microsoft Teams and its far-reaching capabilities. Read Moorhead's entire article, "Spotlight on 'Teams as a Platform' at Virtual Microsoft Build 2020" for an overview of these developments.

Digital therapeutics trends and considerations in times of crisis

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) mobile software solutions that digitally deliver clinically proven medical interventions have been crucial in helping countless people to receive effective healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to these solutions, healthcare providers and organizations have managed to successfully connect with patients around the world to monitor and address their mental health, cognition, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and overall wellbeing. Read this article to learn about the main trends that have emerged in how companies are leveraging DTx to help people with chronic conditions live healthier, more fulfilling lives, even during the current pandemic.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Teamwork. Collaboration. Communication. Applications. These words sum up the modern workplace—and they also describe Microsoft Teams. Office 365 apps are built-in for easy access to SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, Planner, and more. Look at this flyer for details and advanced features of Teams' capabilities for chat, collaboration, meetings, and calling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator: Unlocking rapid progress with unified data

Unified data delivers the insights medical providers need to provide the best patient care experiences, from efficiently ordering medical supplies to effectively managing surgery scheduling. As data sources become more numerous and provide increasingly large volumes of information, a complete, integrated solution for improving healthcare is now critical for providers seeking to unite their data and improve their systems holistically. In this two-pager, you'll learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator connects your Dynamics 365 health solutions to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other data sources to help you enable personalized care, improve operational outcomes, empower care teams, and reimagine healthcare.

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Digital transformation has become one of the keys that modern healthcare providers use to unlock increased efficiency and dramatically improve their patients' experiences. From applications that enable patients to solicit their services from any location to collaboration software that allows providers to increase the effectiveness of existing services, digital is transforming the industry in ways that were previously unthinkable. Subscribe now to stay up to date on the latest insights and trends in the digitization of healthcare, and see how Microsoft technology can be used to provide patients with enhanced services.